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Coupons Menulog

Type Discount details Expiry date
Discount code $5 OFF your order w/ Menulog coupon Until further notice
Sale 50% OFF your order at Menulog Until further notice
Sale Get 10% OFF at Menulog! Until further notice

Information about Menulog

Menulog is the Australia-based platform thanks to which you can have an amazing meal straight from the experienced chef at your own place. To your home, place of work or anywhere you are at the moment, Menulog will deliver the food from the chosen restaurant right at your doorstep. Menulog coupon codes can be used on a very convenient, easy to use website or their amazing app, through which you can order your meal to enjoy it without spending too much time on finalizing the order thanks to the fast payment facility. While using Menulog, you have now almost 20,000 local restaurants to choose from so the possibilities you have are endless! Just think about what you would like to eat - a pizza, burgers, sushi or local nomalicious specials that will fill up your stomach with joy and satisfaction. And maybe the sweetest dessert on the planet? At home, nobody could judge you for the amount of calories! Menulog voucher code allows you to eat the phenomenal food straight from the hands of the best chefs on your own couch, watching your favorite television series with your loved ones or friends. And this amazing way of spending free time is just one click away, affordable with the Menulog code!

Menulog Address

Menulog Pty Ltd Head Office
ACN 120943 615, Level 23 / 227
Elizabeth Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000,

Contact Menulog

Website: https://www.menulog.com.au/

Telephone Number: 1300 664 335

E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Menulog.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/menulog/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/menulog
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/menulog

Brand’s Features

Frequent discounts
Only the best partners
Menulog blog
Extra deals
Reward programme
Menulog App

Payment Options

Credit cards
Debit Cards
Cash on Delivery
Menulog vouchers

Menulog Delivery Options

Express delivery
Order tracking
Experienced couriers
Always warm delivery
Pick-up option available

What if I don’t enjoy the order from Menulog?

Poor quality of the order from Menulog

Menulog works with only the best restaurants and local food corners that are loved by many for their amazing meals and tasty food. However, as with everything in this world, sometimes something unexpected can happen and you can be dissatisfied with the food that has been delivered to you. If you want to solve this problem and give the restaurant the food is from the feedback, there is no easier thing. You can write a Menulog review for the restaurant straight from the app or on the Menulog website. The restaurant will get it immediately and will be able to answer and try to solve the problem. As a result of the discussion between you and the restaurant, the situation can be solved in a way that is the most satisfactory for you.

The food that was delivered to me was not what I had ordered

Menulog Australia is all about giving you the best possible food and making your mealtime enjoyable. That is why when something does not go according to plan, Menulog wants to do everything to assist you and try to find the solution to the problem. If you got different food from what you had ordered, you can contact the restaurant and try to solve the issue with them. If you can’t come to an agreement, feel free to e-mail Menulog Customer Service Team with the information about your order ID and details of the problem. Then, Menulog will be able to help you solve the situation with the restaurant or give you something to fix the situation, for example the Menulog promo code for the next order.

How to redeem a Menulog coupon?

How to use Menulog promo code?

  • Pick and copy the promo code

  • Paste the promo code at checkout in the store's website

  • Enjoy your discount

Delicious bestsellers cheaper with the Menulog discount code

How about using your Menulog coupon code on sushi?

Are you dreaming of travelling far, far away but have to work instead? Or maybe you want to try something special and more exotic once in a while? If so, sushi is one of the best options you should try. Although sushi is considered to be exclusive and a little bit too expensive, thanks to the voucher code Menulog gives us from time to time, any of us can afford a little bit of pleasure with a hint of luxury. On Menulog you can order sushi that will be delivered to your doorstep from a number of sushi restaurants that are nearby. It is a perfect meal whether you are home alone or with a huge group of friends. You can order smaller or larger sets including nigiri, hosomaki, maki and so on. And don’t forget that in the majority of sushi restaurants you can also use your Menulog promo code for various delicious soups for a good start of the amazing meal.

Fast food is not always bad if you have your Menulog voucher code

Menulog KFC, Menulog Hungry Jacks, Menulog pizza… enumerating can be endless. There is no better thing than a good burger of a piece of meat like chicken wings in a delicious coating with French fries and a nice sauce on top! Such restaurants available with the Menulog codes are also absolutely the best when you are totally starving and want your food to be delivered in a split second. You also shouldn’t forget that both on the website and on the app, you can frequently find various Menulog discount codes with which you are able to buy this delicious fast food or less money, making it super affordable and still simply nomalicious. So if you are ready to try something new once in a while, various fast food restaurants available on Menulog are definitely something you should start with and you will fall in love with them right away.

Redeem your Menulog coupon on the sweetest desserts

When we think of Menulog, we usually associate it with proper meals in the first instance. However, Menulog is more than just meals for a dinner or lunch - it is also about the best, sweetest desserts that you can have delivered any time of the day in order to make it much better with the first bite. Cakes, ice cream, puddings, tarts, trifles and many, many more… On Menulog there is more mouth-watering sweet pieces than you could imagine. So if you have already decide what to eat to make your stomach full, now you should definitely start wondering what you should order for a cup of coffee afterwards. And if you find it too hard to decide because of so many different options, you can always use the bestseller section on Menulog where you will find the most recommended dessert places. And the best thing? You can have all of these amazing sweets for less with your Menulog discount code.

Users’ Reviews


I work very hard all week long and if I don’t, standing in the kitchen and cooking meals only for myself is the last thing I want to do, as I am tired and starving, which doesn’t influence my mood in a good way. That is why I love any Menulog voucher code that is available, thanks to which I can order fantastic food that is delivered in front of my door any time I want. I don’t walk around hungry and I am more positive and optimistic about absolutely everything because of that. What is more, my cooking skills aren’t super impressive so I used to cook the same meals over and over again to the point that I didn’t want to even look at them anymore. Now, with Menulog coupon codes I can choose any cuisine I want to try on a specific day. And on cheat days or when I meet my friends, I choose cheat meals like pizza, burgers and tons of ice cream afterwards. And that is why I love and always recommend Menulog to all of my friends.

Tips & Hints

The list of the restaurants that you can see when using Menulog includes only these ones which are close enough from you. This means that you don’t have to worry about anything but what to order, as the food will be delivered to your doorstep in a short period of time and in perfect temperature. Hence, you can use the Menulog coupon stress-free.
Menulog is not only the platform that allows you to order food - it will also help you if you encounter any problems with the restaurants you choose. If something happens, you can always use the Menulog contact form online or call on the Menulog phone number to get the help you need.
Don’t forget to visit Menulog website or app frequently, as if you forget about doing it, you may miss various deals like Menulog free delivery, Menulog delivery discounts or the latest Menulog coupons that could make your evening more pleasant and enjoyable.

More information about Menulog

Menulog is an Australian online food and beverage delivery service that launched in 2006 in Sydney. It was founded by 3 friends, Dan Katz, Leon Kamenev and Kevin Sherman. In 2008 it expanded to the east coast of Australia and Menulog Perth came to life. Only four years after that, in 2012, Menulog was already in New Zealand and was starting to be an extremely successful food delivery business. The Menulog app for iOS was issued in 2009 and in 2011 it was also available for Android phones which enabled more people to order food from their favorite restaurants straight to their homes. In 2015 Menulog agreed to merge with EatNow, after which the company was bought by Just Eat that later merged with Takeaway.com. As a result of these operations, Menulog is now extremely popular both in Australia and New Zealand with almost 20,000 restaurants you can choose from when in need of tasty food. Menulog connects now more than 2.7 million active users who can order from big food chains like Menulog KFC and small local restaurants for which it is the chance to get new customers who can fall in love with their menus. And with the voucher code Menulog offers the clients, it is even easier.

Menulog Black Friday

With so many mind-blowing discounts available in most of the stores around the world during Black Friday, it is impossible not to get hungry! That is why Menulog comes to the rescue and gives you an amazing Menulog discount code so that you can fill up your stomach after walking around the shops all day for less money. And that is especially helpful on this very day of spending tons of money on various products which you need less and more. So if you start hearing stomach rumble, take your Menulog promo code and order some tasty meals.

Cyber Monday Menulog

Cyber Monday makes us all want to grab our laptops, tablets and phones and start browsing online stores that offer various discounts and deals on the best Monday of the year. And when buying furniture, electronic devices and pieces of clothing, you shouldn’t forget about taking a bite of phenomenal food that you can have right in front of you, laying next to your laptop. You don’t have time to cook? Then order something amazing from online food delivery service with the Menulog promo code!

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Brand Features

  • Frequent Discounts and Promotions
  • Easy Return and Exchange

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Delivery Options

  • Express Shipping
  • Free Return
  • Courier Shipping

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